Akashic Records Level 2

Learn to channel and receive information in order to help others heal through opening their Akashic Records

The Akashic Records Level 2 course takes the Akashic Records Level 1 course to the next level. 

This course will teach you to become an Akashic Records Reader for others. You will learn to become a channel and receive information from the sacred and divine realm via the channeling process in order to assist others on their own spiritual and healing journey.

We consider level 1 of the Akashic Records to be the self-healing course. You were your own healer, your own detective, your own reader. We consider level 2 to be an external-healing tool. To help others heal, investigate and provide them with all the needed information to create change and alignment in their life. 

Akashic Records Level 2 takes you from an Akashic Reader to an Akashic Healer. Helping you tap into your own light worker energy and healing abilities, as well as learning from reading other's sacred information.

This course is also about respecting the Akashic Records, the Akashic Realm and the sacred information of other Souls. Taking on the role of Akashic Healer is a big responsibility, which should not be taken lightly. This course will give you the tools to gain the needed confidence  in order to show up in the best way possible for others. Always showing up and doing right by the Akashic Records and the Soul's you are assisting.

This course can help you learn to read other's Akashic Records for your own spiritual journey or to turn this into a soul aligned thriving business. Whatever has brought you here, trust the calling and messages from your Soul. We truly believe that many of us are here to assist via the connection and energy of the Akashic Records.

We are so excited for you to embark on this journey and experience and to have you as part of our soul tribe.

x love and light x
Lucia and Lorena
Soul Tribe Academy

Welcome to The Soul Tribe Academy's Akashic Records Level 2!

What you will learn in this course:

  • Learn to read other's Akashic Records

    Taking Akashic Records Level to the next step with learning to read the Akashic Records for other people.

  • Akashic Record Channeling

    Learn how to become a channel for others to help them heal, process and receive their sacred information.

  • Developing a Healthy and Open Channel

    Learn what it takes to develop an open and aligned channel, and how to keep your channel healthy so you can show up for other's.

  • Opening and Closing Verses

    Just like in Level 1, you will have an opening and closing verse which will assist you in accessing other's sacred information.

  • Energetic and Spiritual Protection

    Being a channel isn't just about receiving information, it's also about protecting yourself energetically and spiritually.

  • The Role of the Akashic Healer

    Akashic Records Level 2 means you are now an Akashic Healer. You are here to serve others on their journey of understanding themselves and healing what they need in order to thrive.

  • Spiritual and Personal Boundaries

    Learn to take on this new role as an Akashic Reader and Healer while also respecting your own personal and spiritual boundaries and limits.

  • Past, Present and Future

    The Akashic Records accessed information from the past, present and future of individuals in this incarnation and other incarnations. As a reader you will learn the healing aspects and how to access each.

  • Past Lives and Cellular Memory

    Past life information is about accepting and releasing, which will create a new form of healing for the individual.

  • Working with Clients

    This new role as an Akashic Reader and Healer bring forward challenges. Learn to interact with clients on all levels in order to create a relationship while still respecting your channel, energy and time.

  • The Energy of Money

    This is not only you helping others, this is also taking care of yourself, respecting your time and energy and thriving while helping others heal.

  • Building your Akashic Business

    What building and Akashic Business entails and what we have learned that works and doesn't work. We share our experiences and tips.

Akashic Records Level 2 Testimonials

"My experience doing the Akashic Records Level 2 course was so profound that it's difficult to describe it. Words are too limited to capture the transformation I felt. This was a lifetime opportunity to discover my channeling abilities, the beautiful gift of intuition and how powerful with all are. Moreover this was the opportunity to serve others and at the same time strengthen my connection with my Guides and Masters. Lucia and Lorena are extraordinary, caring, wise and just so perfect to guide us in this journey."


"I had the opportunity to take the Akashic Records Level 2 with The Soul Tribe and I had already fallen in love with Lu's and Lorena's teaching style since the Level 1 Course on Udemy, they are incredibly relatable, clear and you can expect nothing but  non-complication, ease and joy.  The course is as transparent and honest as they are and I recommend them not just for readings but for anyone who is interested in learning about the Akashic Records, it is intimidating enough to not have a safe space where you are not judged or are intimidated to ask questions.  I felt very comfortable with the group and if you feel drawn to take this course with the girls at a specific time do it! The group is calling you, follow your instinct!

You will not just find your calling, but a true Soul Tribe where you will find like-minded individuals and a much needed support group. If there was a higher rating than 5 stars, they would get that for sure.  I not only recommend the course for the learning experience but for the profound healing journey you are about to start."


Course curriculum

  • 2

    TAHIDRA Meditations

    • Let's Connect (TAHIDRA Meditations + Breathwork)

    • Let's Connect (TAHIDRA Meditations + Breathwork) - MP3 File (Downloadable)

    • Let's Connect (TAHIDRA Meditations)

    • Let's Connect (TAHIDRA Meditation) - MP3 File (Downloadable)

  • 3

    Level 1 vs Level 2 (The Transition)

    • Akashic Records Level 1 vs Level 2

  • 4

    Respecting Other's Akashic Records

    • Respecting Other's Akashic Records

  • 5

    Other Akashic Record Level 2 Ideas

    • Other Level 2 Ideas

    • Groups, Channeling in General, Comparison, Individual Channels

  • 6

    A Healthy Channel

    • A Healthy Channel

  • 7

    Time in the Akashic Records

    • Time in the Akashic Records

  • 8

    The Questions

    • The Questions

  • 9

    Akashic Channeling

    • Akashic Channeling

  • 10

    The Connection

    • The Connection

    • Akashic Records vs Psychic Readings

    • Visualizations in the Akashic Records

    • Opening Akashic Records in Person, Virtual, Email, and Audio

  • 11

    The Ego

    • The Ego

  • 12

    Channeling and Reading Senses

    • Channeling and Reading Senses

  • 13

    No Answer

    • No Answer

  • 14

    The Intro Message

    • The Intro Message

  • 15

    The Names

    • The Names

  • 16

    The Past, Present and Future

    • The Past, Present and Future

  • 17

    The Denial

    • The Denial

  • 18

    Asking about Children and Others

    • Asking about Children and Others

    • Asking about Loved Ones In a Reading

  • 19

    Reading Other's Akashic Records

    • Reading Other's Akashic Records

  • 20

    Akashic Record Reading Introduction

    • Introduction to an Akashic Record Reading with Lorena and Lucia

  • 21

    Meditation and Setting Intentions

    • Meditation and Setting Intentions

  • 22

    You Channel May Morph

    • You Channel May Morph

  • 23

    Past Lives and Cellular Memory

    • Past Lives and Cellular Memory

  • 24


    • Healing

  • 25

    Your Memory

    • Your Memory

  • 26

    Personal Aspects

    • Personal Aspects

  • 27

    Religion and Belief Systems

    • Religion and Belief Systems

  • 28

    Protection - Spiritual Interception

    • Protection - Spiritual Interception

    • Spiritual Interception Practice

    • Spiritual Interception Practice (Guided Video)

    • Spiritual Interception Practice (Guided Audio - Downloadable MP3)

  • 29

    The Energy of Money

    • The Energy of Money

  • 30

    The Client

    • The Client

  • 31

    Software, Payments and Platforms

    • Software, Payments and Platforms

  • 32

    Akashic Record Reading Checklist

    • Akashic Record Reading Checklist

    • Akashic Record Reading Checklist

  • 33

    Opening and Closing Verse

    • Opening and Closing Verse Intro

    • Opening and Closing Verses

  • 34


    • Akashic Record Level 2 Homework

  • 35

    Congratulations and Closing Statements

    • Congratulations and Closing Statements

  • 36

    Course Certificate and Contact Information

    • Course Certificate and Contact Information