What will you learn

This is video one of the Cosmic You mega course. Course one will put you on the path to begin to learn about who we are, where we are, why we are here, who else is here, who assists us, who is our creator, and how our universe functions and so much more. This video will begin to teach you about the greater picture and what you mean inside of this entire plan, structure, project, and the evolution of the human race.

  • The super universe, multiverse, major sector, minor sectors all the way to our universe, our solar system, and our planet.

  • Numbers of multiverses, numbers of inhabitable worlds inside the entire mega structure, registrations numbers for our planet, and more.

  • The galaxies in our universe, the process of creation of galaxies, the new galaxies to be formed in our universe.

  • Our sun, the central sun of or galaxy, the central sun of our universe, the creator, and how information is delivered.